What did the police report say?

First off it’s mind blowing to be the one that was strangled and hear the description that officer put down. Pushed and attempted to strangle me?

Attempted to murder me is what he was saying really. There was no attempt, there was almost exclusively only strangling happening. There was two very hard blows to my head one to a car and one to the cement floor of our garage and there was severe fast hard shaking of my head all the while a death grip on my 11 inch neck. Odd that my bithday is 11/11, but that’s just me, numbers get me.

The bad part for me that day is strangulation is just as serious as a gun violence and by law now since 2011 strangulation is the most lethal form of domestic violence. But it’s oddly not treated with the urgency of a gun violence by everyone involved. The police and 911 responders that day knew EXACTLY what they were dealing with. This happens all the freaking time people. I am not exaggerating. It happens so much there is a strangulation institute in San Diego dedicated to educating all people who have contact with a victim of non-fatal strangulation to know the signs as they can very faint but no less life threatening for her/him.

Just as a gun shot wound has complications after you are shot, strangulation puts your life is in danger after you are strangled and one could die up to two weeks later from throat swelling. Or you could die earlier than you should have from stroke later because that pressure caused in your very important veins at your throat up to your brain were damaged from the blood flow being cut off and forced in places it would not normally build up.

You get shot with a gun and everyone knows what to do. You say you are strangled and someone might ask how hard and long were you strangled?

Quite honestly because when you are strangled oxygen is being cut off to your brain you are no longer a viable witness to yourself. In this case my husband was completely traumatized by the fact his ex-wfie A) could do something like this B) that she could do it with their daughter in the house and C) that she could do it with our baby in the house. There wass a lot going on. I have a whole new appreciatoin for trauma and our unique responses that we all have to it.

Can we first start with the harassing emails and texts? I just for the past, I don’t know, year and a half. Okay it’s been since February 2019 that I started writing here and I have laid out every communication. Please help me understand the harassing emails? Am I that off center that I think I am being one way but in reality am complete different? It’s so bizarre. There are texts too and although there was one very frustrating string I am not proud of can we say this happened once, once. One time I lost my cool wity this pyschopath.

2 – yelling at her? Okay we have a audio recording of this attack, clearly I had a sixth sense about my safety to do this and no there was no yelling at her or calling her a bad mom like she said. That is all in her head. There was my screaming my bloody head off becasue I was being strangled death. That part is for sure there. Yelling at her? Hmmm…not so much. Calling her a terrible mother, wrong again.

3- Amy told me she was going to hit me. Truth be told I did say this. I would say it again. But I am also 70% smaller than her and she knows that I was not going to hit her, so she is pulling at straws here because not only did I not hit her look at her or talk to her that day I did nothing to deserve such a bizarre reaction like attacking and strangling someone. So let’s think about this if she was “threaten” and this was “self defense” because she thought I might hit her than why would her reaction to me saying I am going to hit you be “then go ahead and hit me” she said it twice “then hit me”….really you are afraid of me? Exactly! Last point here now why on earth would I say such a thing like I want to hit you?

Well, it’s along story. I think I already wrote about here somewhere I am sure of it but essentially she put her daughter’s dog down while they were away on holiday. The poor 14 year old german shepard had to die alone, got dropped off to be euthanized. My step daughter cried for YEARS. I said I wanted to hit her after I make the mistake of bringing this up that day. I said you put her dog down behind her back (the only thing I said to her) and her response was he was old. Complete disregard for her daughter’s tormented heart about not knowing what happened to her animal. Imagine those were our worst problems before this happened.

4 – He punched me hard in the chest. She tried to hard to convince people she was hurt and that my husband punched her that she had pictures taken of her ‘injuries’ but nothing was there, she went to the doctor two weeks after complaining of chest pains and they sent her home with anxiety. Oddly she went to the doctor the day before her criminal court hearing. Coincidence? In the report above they could not see any red marks but she just got punched by a 6 foot 3 225 pound man? Impossible and the cops knew it and this is why she was arrested becuase although there was no evidence of harm on her there was on me and my husband.

5 – Okay this is the last of it, I am a really strong woman and could have hurt her if I really wanted too.

You can’t make this up. She was just arrested for assault with a deadly weapon (hands as teh weapon) and this is what she says to the police?

With all due respect, none of this is normal.

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