The call to 911

12:49PM April 12, 2015

911: Emergency here
Amy: Cries, oh… oh my god.
911: Hello?
Amy: Oh my god. Crying
911: Ma’am?
Amy: Help me, help me. More crying trying to catch my breath.
911: Hello? Ma’am?
Amy: Help me help me help me help me help me and more crying.
911: Ma’am, ma’am….What’s the address are you at?
Amy: I was just attacked by my step daughter’s mother. She strangled me to the ground and she is trying to get in the house and I need help.
911: Ma’am what is the address please?
Amy: XXXX barely able to speak
911: Okay is that a house or apartment?
Amy: Make sure your sister doesn’t come down here, Step Daughter make sure your sister does NOT does not come down here. Oh my god, oh my god.
911: Ma’am? Ma’am? Listen me please ma’am…is that a house or an apartment?
Amy: It’s a townhouse.
911: Is there a separate unit or no? Is there A,B,C? No?
Amy: It’s a townhouse.
911: Okay what’s your name?
Amy: Gasping for air barely able to breath, crying…My name is Amy.
911: Amy, okay. Now who hurt you?
Amy: My daughter’s mother.
911: Your daughter’s mother, so is that your step daughter?

Jonathan comes in the room and asks Amy where the kids are…

Amy: They are in their room.
Jonathan: Yeah we need a police officer out here right now.
Amy: Wailing in the background.
911: Okay what’s the address?
911: Okay what is your name sir?
Jonathan: My name is Jonathan, Jonathan XXXX
911:Jonathan, okay now what happened there?
Amy: Wailing in the background.
Jonathan: It’s okay baby, it’s okay.
911: Now what happened there? What happened sir? What is your ex wife or girlfriend?
Jonathan: Yeah my ex wife came over
911: Okay what did she do?
Jonathan: She…oh my god…oh my god
Amy: wailing
911: Did she punch someone? Did she use a weapon?
Jonathan: Yes, yes…she grabbed my wife around the neck and started choking her
Amy: Wailing
911: Okay… is she still there?
Jonathan: Attacked her, totally….attacked her.
911: Okay but is your ex wife still there?
Amy: wailing…
Jonathan: no
911: okay let me
Amy: why is the door open?! CLOSE THE DOOR! Screaming close the door.
911: Hold on let me get my supervisor on the line. Okay? Don’t hang up one moment.
Amy: She was trying to kill me, she was trying to kill me.
911: Ringing, go ahead, it’s 20880, Jonathan…
Jonathan: She came to our house.
911: Jonathan? did your ex wife leave in a car or is she still there?
Jonathan: She left in a car.
911: What color car?
Jonathan: A BMW station wagon
911: What color?
Jonathan: Black BMW station wagon
911: Okay Black BMW station wagon,okay you don’t have the plate number?
Supervisor: Which direction?
Jonathan: She going down Torrey Pines, she going back to her house
911: Does she live nearby?
Jonathan: She’s going down Torrey Pines, I guarantee she is going back to her house
911: Does she live nearby?
Jonathan: Yeah she lives nearby on Torrey Pines….

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