Did you know step-family members are not protected by #DOMESTICVIOLENCE #LAWS in the state of #CALIFORNIA nor is #STRANGULATION a #FELONY?

April 12, 2015 I was attacked and strangled by my husband’s ex-wife. She was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Arraigned on 4/20/15.

She is 5′ 11″. She weighs 180lbs. I am 5’4″. I weigh 110lbs. My husband struggled to get her off and a lot of damage was done before I was able to get free.

I suffered two traumatic brain injuries and shearing brain trauma, 360 degree whiplash, displaced ribs, torn pectoral muscle from displaced breast implant, bursted blood vessels on left eye, deep bruises on both shins, deep lacerations across throat with severe internal swelling, extreme shock and overwhelm.

My child partially witnessed this violence against her mother. My stepchild partially witness her mother’s violence against her stepmother.

My senior dog partially witnessed this violence against me and displayed severe signs of distress hearing me scream while being attacked told to me by my stepdaughter.

We were given emergency Criminal Protective Orders through the DA office.

4/28/15 we went ex-parte to family court for temporary child custody and supervised visitation for my stepdaughter and her mother, civil restraining orders to protect our daughter and our pets.

She plead guilty and was convicted by Judge Link Jr. on 6/19/15 in criminal court. She was sentenced to 3 year probation of a minimum six month to one year staggering jail time, 3 year CPO, 52 week anger management, 180 hours community service and restitution. It’s was a closed as misdemeanor assault charge by plea bargain.

7/15/15 she filed a counter restraining and gave a declaration to the family court that she didn’t do anything and that we attacked her.

12/29/15 Fred Judge Link Sr. closed restitution in the criminal case with prejudice and denied my constitutional rights to criminal restitution by awarding $88.10 for parking calling me a #lajolla #princess #diggingforgold despite her guilty docket showing she’s already agreed. We come win $50K in expenses.

Judge Link said he couldn’t read an MRI statement from the neurologist so we had a He then on a different date denied us bringing in my doctors. He said it’s a great civil case and should take it up there. He said how do I know she actually did this to you. But CalVCB had already paid me $10K for loss of income for being a victim of violent crime.

3/30/16 we were awarded an additional 3YR Domestic Violence Restraining Order to protect the whole family and she was denied her counter. She was found not credible and deemed to be the perpetrator of Domestic Violence and to pay for our expenses.

It was not considered Domestic Violence in Criminal Court, and California Law did not protect me. Lives are shattered daily becuase of Domestic Violence and no one wants to talk about it. Most cannot becuase the chance of homicide is great. I cannot NOT talk about this. Too many woman suffer NON-FATAL STRANGULATION.

I accept.

I have no choice.

If I can speak up.

I must.

1 in 4 woman experience domestic violence.

68% of them experience non-fatal strangulation. It’s takes 4 minutes 11 pounds of pressure for brain death. Opening a coke can is 25 pounds of pressure.

This basically happens in some combination every 3 seconds but if it happens just once the chance of homicide goes up 700%.

It’s is because it is so lethal and can kill you up to two weeks post with long term internal injuries if you survive with so little education of the signs and symptoms that makes it a pervasive silent killer of women in the US. P

People who do this are killers.

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