Do you speak your truth in current time?

As I read through this one I honestly braced myself for the reaction. That’s what is so cool about this; I would have never remembered all these. I was expecting the response that was so obvious like several others that gave me a clear indication that I had surely pissed this woman off enough to want to kill me. But there was nothing. 


We were communicating here; I was the two things I goal to be. Speaking my truth in current time. It was hard, I tell you keeping this kid on track. A brilliant level mind that was always in complete chaos was so much work. We knew she was more than capable of doing the work in the advanced classes, but she severely lacked the skills to keep on track, and if we’re not there, the wheels seriously fell off that bus going 90MPH on the freeway at that—a mess.  

I was a little pushy I will own that. I was if I remember right really screwed at work. I had left this amazing job that I could have probably died at. Not that this is everyone’s goal professionally, but I have seen the other side, and it was not greener. I had left a good group of people at that company chasing money only to find out that the company I joined was 90 days away from bankruptcy. I had risked my family; I was in some major stress. Not financially because I was making a lot more money, but the uncertainty was growling. 

I had no time for nonsense, I was no nonsense. I was pretty direct. I was not rude ever I feel. I don’t feel that I have done anything that would be worthy of strangling someone so much smaller than you almost to death. Nothing I did deserved having my head bashed into a car and a concrete floor. Nothing did. I am shocked that less than a year before we have evidence of some level of co-parenting working.  

From: Husband’s Ex-Wife 

Date: May 18, 2014 at 8:13:01 PM PDT

To: Husband’s New Wife 

Subject: FW: Plane Ticket 

Ticket info provided. 

Hi, please review the itinerary. We have until 5PM to issue the tickets.


Gustavo Pedrosa

Travel Specialist

Ph: (619) 342-0436

Fax (619) 345-4680

Toll free 855-499-8622

Travel Tech Vacations

On Aug 5, 2014, at 5:47 PM, Husband’s Ex-Wife:

Dr jean campbell

7946 ivanhoe la jolla

same building of karen zappone 

858 3754696

copay should be 15 dollards if she feels comfortable with her she could go ones a week

she is schedule for first apt this friday 4pm

Husband’s Ex-wife

From: Husband

To: Husband’s Ex-Wife 

Cc: Husband’s New Wife

Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 5:53 PM

Subject: Re: new therapist

I know (step father) wants nothing to do with helping her through this therapy process, but my wife needs to be copied on anything that has to do with health and well being. She is her stepmother. 

Thank you. 

We loved making pizzas!

On Oct 10, 2014, at 6:47 PM, Husband’s New Wife> wrote:

Hi, Husband’s Ex-Wife, 

Just wanted to give you a heads up that we spoke to the teacher today about switching from Seminar to GATE classes. I think we all need to think about what that means for her.

Also, my parents are in town next weekend. If you don’t have plans for her it would be great if we could pick her up from Surf Club Friday or Saturday morning so she can be here for her sister’s Birthday party on Saturday. 

She is welcome to stay through to school on Monday. 

Let me know if this works. 

Happy Friday! 

Husband’s New Wife

On Oct 10, 2014, at 8:00PM, Husband’s Ex-Wife:

No problem for next fir day and staying for birthday. 

About changing her I hope nothing was decided yet . Like I expressed i have some worries about that for her self-esteem i will go talk to the teacher andrea and of course her on monday.

Husband’s Ex-Wife

From: Husbnd’s New Wife

To: Husband’s Ex-Wife

Cc: Husband

Sent: October 11, 2014 at 12:29:29 PM

Subject: Re: Seminar

Great, my parents are so excited to see her especially after the broken arm. 

We would never make a decision like this without you being on board too. There might not be much change in terms of homework in GATE but there is most definitely a different in the pace in which they work. 

So you understand (we just learned this this week) in Seminar IEP resources are not pushed in to help. So that means Seminar does not allow Andrea to come into English and Social Studies. In GATE classes she can. Granted she now has C’s in both Social Studies and English. She would have a B in social studies had she not gotten a D on her last test. We also share the same issues with it but her self esteem will be more damaged if she is unable to pass the class over all because of the pace. 

If she is going to pass she needs more consistency from us specifically in helping her keep track of everything she is supposed to be doing like homework, when tests and quizzes are and helping her build strong study skills. 

Last week while she was with you she missed a lot and got bad scores on her work and tests and missed reading pretty much the whole week. We spent most of the week doing extra work on top of her regular work to make it up and bring her grades up. It was a lot and we need more support form you in oder for her to do well in school. Every day you have to check online for her homework and see the her tests and quizzes are during your week for each class. You have to maker her double check he work especially math at home. She can even use her calculator for it and she has to read an audio book a week which requires 30-45 minutes everyday. She cant’ read that well so regular books are not really an option for her at this stage. WE are sending her to your house this next week with a new audio book and we will follow up with Andrea to make sure she brings a new one to our house the following week or we can get one for at the library. She has to read 25+ books this year it is state standards and in seminar it’s 40-60 books that she is expected to read so she is already massively behind on this as there are only 33 weeks left in school and she’s read 2 books this year so far.  

Also, the english teacher found the creatology and she got a D on it. There were issues with the punctuation, grammar and spelling. This was the one you wrote. You need to speak to the teacher about the grade and ask for a redo if the errors were on your part which Josephine is saying it is. If she can improve the score on this her grade will turn into a B. Maybe you can explain your language barriers and blame it on that? Let me know if you want us to write the note to the teachers but she needs to have this one corrected.  

From: Husband’s Ex-Wife

To: Husband’s New Wife 

Sent: October 11, 2014 at 10:00:01 PM

Subject: Re: Seminar

Hi Amy

I intend to go speak to the teachers on Monday about the gate change. I want to have more info about the class size and to make sure there is no way to have help form her IEP in the class she is in now. regarding the draft, jo told me it was just a draft. i didn’t correct it just wrote it the way she dictated. she didn’t have the audio book until friday but i’ll make sure she is doing her reading. the decrease in books to read is a plus, but change will affect her in lots of ways. just want to make sure the change would be beneficial for her.

Husband’s New Wife 

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