Let the declarations begin!

This was the most exciting thing about Family Court, reading her declaration. It was almost comical. We were stunned at the spewing of lies. Although we were just naive, looking back expecting this psycho, to be honest, is the shocking part. Reading through it all again, it’s mind-blowing how much one person can lie. I especially loved how my name was BOLD as AMY throughout. It seems like I was her issue, shocker. I am mean she did try to kill me. 

Here is the declaration lie by lie in each line. Spoiler Alert! The judge saw right through all of this. She was charged with Domestic Violence in Family Court. Fined and majority custody went to my husband to protect his daughter’s education. 


Line 5: Per the terms of or Judgment, Father and I shared joint legal and joint physical custody of our daughter. However, on April 28, 2015, Father appeared ex parte, making false allegations of domestic violence against me, which resulted in the Court ordering Father to have custody, with supervised visits only to me. 

Reality: So apparently, the Police arresting her and the state pressing charges against and convicting her on June 19 is what she is calling “false allegations.” There were no false allegations; there had already been a criminal conviction before this declaration. Where she plea-bargained and pleaded guilty. Looking back, maybe she lied to her family court lawyer! 

Line 6- There is NO reason that Father and I should not continue to share legal and physical custody. She is at NO risk of harm from being in my care. She was not a witness to the April 12, 2015, incident, and I have never and would never hurt our daughter. On the contrary, Father and Amy are damaging our daughter. 

Reality: Never hurt her daughter? Taking her cat and strangled her stepmom isn’t hurting her daughter? My stepdaughter was partially exposed to the trauma; she said she knew it was me screaming because she remembered what I sounded like during natural childbirth; her little sister did not realize that it was me screaming and was told the neighbor who stepped on a nail. My stepdaughter texted her therapist during it and asked for help. This woman attacked and strangled me with her daughter in my house, hearing it all. Saying she did not witness it is just insanity. Something is very wrong with this woman. She is delusional. 

Line 7: Father’s motion to modify custody and visitation is based on an incident on April 12, 2015. However, Father’s version of events is a lie. It was ME who was lured to Father’s home and prevented from leaving by Father and AMY. It was ME who was threatened by AMY. It was ME who was physically attacked by Father, who punched me hard in the chest and knocked me back into a car. Unfortunately, since there are two of them and one of me, and the incident occurred at their home where they called the law enforcement first, the Police arrested me. 

Reality: There was no luring. It was a completely normal interaction to trade off books and belongings for school. Aurelia brutally and violently attacked me, almost taking my life; Jonathan saved my life by pulling her off me, only to have Aurelia attack Jonathan is in the process. It’s impossible for Jonathan to have punched her hard and knocking her into the car when she was strangling me to death. The only luring that has occurred in these circumstances is Aurelia luring Amy into a very dangerous situation while pretending to like her very much but harboring such anger and rage towards her that she lost it and attacked her OR she had a schizophrenic break. The Police do not arrest someone based on where the incident occurred. They arrest based on evidence. I had evidence of being attacked, as did my husband, and she had ZERO signs of trauma on her body. In fact, the first thing she said when the Police arrived was, “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” and then she proceeded to tell them that she pushed me hard and that she was a strong woman and could have hurt me badly if she wanted to. 

Line 8 – I did not attack Father or his wife AMY. Father’s version of events is entirely fabricated. Unfortunately, because AMY was willing to back-up Father’s lies, the “incident” blew out of control, and I found myself subject to false accusations of violence and criminal charges. 

Reality: Aurelia plead guilty to battery on me, specifically strangulation on 6/19. At the time of the arrest, the procedure is to separate the parties, which is what happened. Our story to the Police was the same and the truth, with our stepdaughter confirming it to the Police based on what she heard. Plus, she went through a criminal proceedings; it’s so unrealistic to think this went through an entire proceeding with falsification, plus there was a voice recording of her attacking me. It was a open and close case; she was found guilty. 

Line 9: One April 11, 2015, our daughter was supposed to return to my care following visitation with Father. My husband and I were at the beach when she called her brother, asking if we were home. When asked why she said don’t worry about it and hung up.  

Reality: Prior to the incident, there was a 50/50 custody, so saying Father had visitation is weird there was join legal custody. After our meeting with the new psychologist for our daughter, we were very concerned about her failing grades for the brief time period she was with her Mother. It was encouraged to get our daughter back to our house like we had agreed upon in January so that her confidence is not shattered from failing school; she was afraid to leave her cat at her Mom’s because the cat was getting beat up by the other cat. She called her brother and

said I needed to pick up some stuff, not “don’t worry about it.” There is a lot of background here, a lot of story. A lot of back and forth of a child struggling and us trying to figure out how best to support her. The psychologist told us she was being abused emotionally at her mom’s, and she needed to get to our house where she felt safe, so we acted on it. We had just changed the schedule, and she was living more with us, so her mom got her a cat to make her want to stay more at her house. So she went and stayed more at her mom’s because of the cat, and in a very short time period, she was failing school. Thus the psychologist getting put in place to help us sort it out. 

Line 10 – When we returned home later that day, we immediately realized our family cat was missing. After spending an hour looking for the cat, her brother remembered her call and called his Father. Father confirmed they had indeed come to my home while we were out and had taken the cat. 


My stepdaughter went into the house to get her cat, and we did not enter their property.

Line 11 – After her brother told me Father had the cat, I texted Father and asked him to return the cat as soon as possible. Father texted me that the cat was her cat. I replied it was a family cat and not just hers. Father also texted that he would not be returning her to my care that day as scheduled. 

Reality: We had sent an email to her about our daughter’s school, and she threatened to show up at our house with the Police about the cat. She had extensive conversations with her daughter and the psychologist on three-way talking about a solution to share the cat. Nothing was mentioned or contested about her returning to our house for the school year. This Mother wanted a cat back and not her daughter. She was willing to trade custody over going to jail if that was an option. 

Line 12 – Later that evening, April 11, 2015, Father’s wife, AMY, came to return the cat. My husband opened the door, AMY threw the cat inside, and said, “here’s your cat,” and left. 

Reality: I did not throw the cat. As the VP of Sales for a dog product company, I was very much involved with organizing charity events for animals; this is just an effort to injure my character. The reality is that Jose had been throwing Josephine’s new kitten actually, and part of the reason why she wanted the cat with her at our house. This is pathetic how they are. 

Line 15 – I was worried about our daughter being as upset as Father claimed, so I did as Father instructed and went to take her belongings to her. I asked my son to go with me because I was apprehensive about how Father would behave, but he was not available until later that day, and I did not want her to be without her things. 

Reality:  The night before, Aurelia was fully aware of how upset her daughter was. Her daughter was screaming at her at the top of lungs on the phone that night before, “I HATE YOU TRY TO TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING I LOVE!!!!!” Her son was not asked to come with his Mother. He was asked to take the books instead of her, and he could not do this until later. Text messages show that my husband was not insistent on Aurelia coming. We were totally fine sending her to school without her books. 

Line 16: When I arrived at Father’s home, just before noon, I parked in front of his garage, which was closed. Father’s front door can only be accessed by walking along a narrow sidewalk which runs down the side of the garage, so I walked the pathway and dropped her bag at the front door. 

Reality: The sidewalks in front of our house are not narrow but a minimum of five feet all around. She parked in front of the closed garaged to stop us from opening it, and that is where she attacked me. 

Line 17 – As I turned around to walk back to my car to leave, I saw Father and AMY walking out of the garage through a small door. I knew there was no door from the garage into the hose, so it was clear that Father and AMY had been waiting there for me to arrive. 

Reality:  We were getting stuff for the pool to try and leave the house before Aurelia arrived, so we would not be there. Why would we be sitting ducks for her to attack me? That’s crazy. 

Line 18 – Father was walking very slowly and deliberately blocking the pathway along with the house, blocking my exit. Father is 6’4″ and around 225 pounds, with very broad shoulders, so it was not difficult for him to effectively prevent me from leaving their front door/garage area by blocking the only exit. I immediately felt threatened by Father’s behavior. 

Reality: Jonathan was never blocking the pathways for her to leave and she actually started moving closer and closer me until she got close enough to lounge at me and grab me around the neck. At one point, my husband put a hand between us and told her to back up. 

Line 19 – Father started talking to me, telling me he could not believe I had broken her heart by taking her cat away. I told him it’s not her cat; it’s the family cat. I’m really sad she’s upset, but you can’t let her get away with saying it’s her cat when it’s not her cat. Father kept harassing me, saying, “How could you do that?” “She didn’t sleep,” “You broke her heart,” “It’s her cat,” and on and on. I calmly told Father that I did not want to argue with him. I repeated I felt bad for her but that it was a family cat. 

Reality: Really, you can’t just let a child have a cat? There is so much evidence that indicates that the cat was given to Josephine to makeup for Jet Lag becoming the family cat or actually her little brother’s. Jet Lag was the first cat that was brought to lure her daughter to spend more time at her house. Then a hamster, then another cat, then a dog. 

Line 20 – During my conversation with Father, AMY remained standing by the back door into the garage, but it was apparent she was very upset – more so than either FatherFather or me. AMY then began growing even more angry and more agitated.  

Reality: I was never angry and agitated I was crying and exhausted as I had been up all night with her daughter who was afraid to sleep and crying because of her cat and her dog who suspiciously was put down by her Mother behind her back the previous year. This kid had so much sadness in her at this time, crushing the Mom saw none of it. 

Line 21 – AMY, who obviously did not want to address me directly, said to Father, “Yes, and she killed her dog too!” (Referring to a family dog who died of old age while we were on vacation) I responded, “what are you crazy? I loved my dog, but he was old. He was 14 years old. You guys are crazy-making all these problems” AMY yelled back at me. “The puppeteer guy even told her!”

Reality: I never said Aurelia killed her dog, and Aurelia actually did not say the things she is saying; she said in the declaration what she did say was along the lines of giving me a break; he was so old. She never said I loved my dog. However, one of Jose’s friends indeed told her daughter that she killed her dog when she confronted him on Easter Sunday about what really happened to her dog while she was away. Before they left for their trip that summer, my stepdaughter recalls her mom giving papers to this guy, saying where to take him. She was also instructed to say goodbye to the dog because it will most likely die while they are gone, and the dog did die conveniently on the Mom’s my strangler’s birthday while they were gone on their trip as predicted.

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