p.s… lets get together for new baby talk…said the ex-wife

I should have realized immediately her over interest in my pregnancy was a bad sign, I was completely ignorant to the idea that she was obsessing over everything. My effort to help was sorely misunderstood. I wanted to communicate, help a little girls life be better. Help her learn to communicate how she feels and advocate for herself. Empower her. Instead I almost got myself killed. Looking back I cannot say I would be any different. I had a little girl on my hands that needed a lot of support. She need someone to listen to her, she needed to feel heard and be seen.

From: Husband’s New Wife

To: Husband’s Ex-Wife

CC: Husband

Sent: Wed, March 24, 2010 7:59:02 AM

Subject: FW: Thursday, March 25 Mandatory Meeting

Hi Husband’s Ex-Wife,

Big brother has 4 cavities and little sister has 6. She’ll be back at the dentist today for work they just learned her up yesterday. Big brother has most of them done yesterday. She’ll have to go back again next week as they won’t do all the work in one day on kids. My husband has more information. We did not find her old vest not sure where that info came from 🙂 So you’ll have to get us her new one for tomorrow and you’ll have to call my husband to coordinate as I am not home.

Talk soon!

My first baby 🙂

Husband’s New Wife

From: Husband’s New Wife

To: Husband’s Ex-Wife

Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 1:47 PM

Subject: Party

Hi there,

I won’t be able to make tonight now. Surprise visit from a close girlfriend from up north to celebrate my best friend’s birthday early. Perfect horrible timing. Sorry to miss out hope it’s a huge success!

Big kiss-

Husband’s New Wife

From: Husband’s Ex-Wife

To: Husband; Husband’s New Wife

Sent: Sun, April 18, 2010 11:32:59 AM

Subject: her stuff

ok my new husband try to call no answer but its ok ill give the stuff to big brother tomorrow she can put her mass shoes one…have a great week.

From: Husband’s New Wife

To: Husband’s Ex-Wife

Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 9:38 AM

Subject: Re: her stuff

Hi there,

We had a really great weekend. She was so helpful and wanted to teach my friend’s small daughter everything it was adorable. How can you stand it around your son?! Adorable. My girlfriends opinion was that what she’s going through seems like pretty normal stuff and that her behaviors/reactions were pretty normal and healthy too. Her expressing herself is, although scary at first if she is saying things like the kids all hate me, is really great and positive. A reflection on her trusting and feeling comfortable at home.

She did say that it can never hurt to have her talk to someone regarding divorce and going between homes (that is probably her biggest challenge) and that the most important thing is consistency for her. All stuff we are already know and probably could work on. She didn’t mention once all weekend about the school thing or being upset about her buddies leaving or wanting to go to a new school. Maybe it was a dramatic day. I think we should talk to Mr. Cline because the worst that I think that can happen personally is her learning disrupted. There are school resources at Stella we can lean on right? Maybe a good place to start is there.

Big hugs!

Husband’s New Wife

Pregnant at work 🙂

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 12:43:21 -0700

From: Husband’s New Wife

Subject: Updates 🙂

To: Husband’s Ex-Wife

CC: surf1407@yahoo.com

Hi Husband’s Ex-Wife, 

We wanted to give you some updates from this past week:

  • She seems to be having some issues with her rash again she discovered Friday night (great that she is so aware of herself this we should encourage this openness!) WE have been putting her in the bath several times with baking soda and applying the cream just like last time. She seems to be doing better but you should watch and ask her. We also have been giving her more yogurt to help get some healthy bacteria in her system. They say that doesn’t really work but it can’t hurt right?!
  • She has struggled early on in the week with sleeping through the night got up Monday and Tuesday at 3am with bad dreams.  The she has some rough days at school with a yellow card for talking too much. The rest of the week we were really strict about in bad after bath at 7:30 with at least 20 minutes of independent reading. She sleeps so much better if she relaxes before bed and this really helped. Not sure if you are doing independent reading but she’s totally into it! 
  • Dentist appointment on Tuesday May 4th we were hoping to get her early…does Sunday night work? Then you can pick her up after school on Wednesday? 

Big Brother

  • We have been enforcing a electronics out policy at 10pm! He does so much better with more sleep. He can handle stress at school and feel confident that he can manage the work load. Most nights he was falling asleep by 9:30 and with only some minor resistance on the electronics. Sleep is so important just want to let you know what is going on at our house. 
  • Iphone! I know there has bene some discussion about how too get him an iPhone of this birthday which we are totally for. If we are going to be participating in the monthly service I think it makes better sense for big brother to be added to my plan and we can do a family plan on our end for his phone. We will cover the entire amount if you guys help him get the phone? In addition to the monthly fee we also have to pay to get him out of the current plan that he’s been on so help on the phone side would be awesome. How does that sound? 

Hope you guys are doing well! Hope to hear back soon from you. Things are good with baby getting nice and round. I am feeling awesome and really loving this special time with everyone, we’ll keep you posted not eh sex should find out in about another month or s. This is week 15 then we can talk about all those cute boy clothes! 


Husbands New Wife

My, my baby and my Biggie Smalls 🙂

From: Husband’s Ex-Wife

To: Husband’s New Wife

Sent: Mon, April 26, 2010 1:17:37 PM

Subject: RE: Updates 🙂

thank for the update it really helps.. i will see if she is better but she might need to go the docteur.. we read and put her to bed around 7 30 too on school days sow thats good we are on the same page..hope she will sleep better this week probably due to changes in her life and maybe something at school it will get better with time if we are all there to reinsure her we all love her sow much…for big brother im glad its 10 pm we do the same her cause we need to out the door at 7 am with him to drive him. to school..about the dentist i will call you the week of the 3 of may is yours she normally goes back to you monday 3..i will cal you about the phone sounds good  and we will work it out for him together…thank you for all you do…and take care… ps lets get together one for for new baby talk…

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